Salman Rushdie

The Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award Committee hereby has the pleasure of announcing that the winner of its 2014 award is the British-Indian author

Sir Salman Rushdie

Sir Salman Rushdie receives this award due to the fact that he is an incomparable author, who through a blend of global realism and fairytale fantasy depicts the significance of journeys and cultural meetings for our time, and thus enriches world literature. Sir Salman Rushdie shares Hans Christian Andersen’s love of the narrative art of the fairytale.

Sir Salman Rushdie fulfills the purpose of the award in every aspect. It was instituted to celebrate Hans Christian Andersen’s influence on writers worldwide by selecting award winners, whose writings can be linked to Andersen’s name and authorshop through genre similarities or artistic qualities of the storyteller.

The Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award is the largest Danish literary prize; the winner receives DKK 500.000. Sir Salman Rushdie will receive the award in Odense on Sunday, August 17, 2014.

The festive award ceremony will take place in collaboration with the Hans Christian Andersen Festivals and Odense Municipality.

The previous recipients of the award are: Paulo Coelho, J.K. Rowling and Isabel Allende.

For further information, please contact the Chairman of the committee, Mr. Jens Olesen, via phone +45 35 38 01 43 or Vice-Chairman Professor Anne-Marie Mai, via phone at +45 64 83 17 40 for details.

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The President of the Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award Jens Olesen a meeting on 12 June, Mayor Anker Boye in the news that Salman Rushdie will Prize winner in 2014. Mayor Anker Boye received two of the laureate's books and repaid by inviterew laureate and prize committee in the Assembly Hall at Odense City Hall for lunch on 17 august 2014.

City and Culture Alderman Steen Møller expressed on 12 June at her office in Odense Castle delight at the continued cooperation with the prize committee, and commanded Prize winner 2014 - Salaman Rushdie - welcome. Steen Møller received two of the laureate's books and promised to read it in its somemrferie.

Journalist Malene Birkelund from Funen Herald-Tribune was the first time. 14, 12 June news that author Salman Rushdie receives Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award 2014. Member of the SDU's Advisory Board Søren Frank motivated reasons for their selection and poured out his extensive knowledge of Salman Rushdie, as he himself has written several books on. Exactly pm. 15 posted Garden Communikation in Copenhagen a press release to the world press with the news.